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Rock bottom is defined by Oxford Dictionaries to mean “at the lowest possible level”. Seven months ago I found myself at my rock bottom. I hated the person that I saw in the mirror each morning and despised myself for the number that appeared on the scale. I was 196 lbs and at a breaking point. It was at this time that I opened my computer and typed, “gyms near me” into Google. Results Driven Fitness was the first search result to appear. RDFiT didn’t come across as your typical gym filled with people in perfect shape that somehow made you feel judged and insecure; it seemed welcoming, judgment free, and a safe place to make goals and meet them.

The Journey: Upon visiting the gym my first impression proved itself to be very true. For the first time in years I found myself setting goals with a determination to meet them. During my first four months of exercise I lost 14 lbs. While I was happy with this I was becoming steadily more relaxed with my nutrition and scared that I was beginning to lose the determination I had started with. I decided it was time to meet with a certified health coach, get measured, and press the reset button on my goals. With the reset button pushed, I began to follow the simple 5&1 nutrition program with the help of my health coach.

The Support and Community: When I started 5&1 I had a deep-rooted fear that, like programs I’ve done in the past, I would give up after two weeks and be back at square one. During My first week on program my health coach invited me to join the Results Driven Focus Group on Facebook. Through the focus group I found support from people on the same journey, facing the same struggles I was. Each Day I found comfort from the posts of other group members, most of them I had never met, along with an immense amount of support and encouragement that I had never expected to receive. My fears upon starting 5&1 were that I would feel alone even with support of my health coach. With the platform of the focus group I never felt alone or isolated because I knew I always had a sounding board to work through my own struggles and help others through theirs. Growing up in the society that we live it’s incredibly hard not to feel the pressure of stereotypes, especially as a woman. I always felt as though I had to look a certain way and if I didn’t then I wasn’t beautiful. Through this process and particularly through the support of the focus group members I’ve been able to erase society’s definition of beauty from my mind and create my own. To me beauty isn’t defined by the size you wear or even by the number you see on the scale. To me beauty is defined by strength. It’s not about looking like a model or your favorite celebrity; it’s about being your best self and finding happiness in your own skin. I have found beauty in myself and beauty in my own strength and character. My own transformation has only been possible through watching the transformation of other focus group members with complete admiration and awe. My journey would not have been the same without the support of each focus group member and for that I am very grateful.

The Results: When I joined RDFiT I was 196lbs. On my starting date of 5&1 I was 182lbs. Three months after starting 5&1, I find myself at 150lbs, a weight I haven’t seen since high school. I feel happy, joyful, and most importantly strong. I no longer hate the person I see in the mirror and actually take enjoyment out of seeing the number that shows up when I step on the scale. I found results, a new fitness family, and a new me!

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