Fitness Bootcamp

RDFiT Bootcamp Packages

We have many Bootcamp options available. Pick the one that best fits or view all of our options HERE and read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

One Month Trial

Purchase one month and see if you have what it takes

$ 199 / one time

This a great starter package for new clients. You will get a full month of unlimited RDFiT Bootcamp classes. You will be a completely new person at the end of that first month and will want to move on to another membership option.

Monthly Unlimited Membership

No contract and payment is month-to-month

$ 149 / month

This is a good choice for clients who want to commit to better health, but are not ready to commit to a full year membership. This is a no-obligation, month-to-month membership.

Annual Unlimited Membership

Purchase annually and save $600

$1,188 / Annually

You know what Bootcamp is, you love it, and want to commit to a year. This is a great money-saving option for those of you who want to commit to your health and to save money on an annual membership.

Get the Results You Deserve

WE GET RESULTS at RDFiT! This bootcamp is not for the faint of heart. We run you to the ground, pick you up, and then run you to the ground again.

Those kickass results, you deserve, and should be proud of. Hear it from others just like you!

"The program is simple and very spelled out. You simple have to follow it. The coaches are wonderful. Very supportive and knowledgeable with always an encouraging word."

-Joanne, Bootcamp RDFiT Member

Joanne's Portland Bootcamp Testimonial

"Bootcamp quickly had me feeling core strength again, and the combination of losing pounds and developing strength eased my back pain."

-Kasey, Bootcamp RDFiT Member

"Bootcamp has truly been the fitness tool that allowed me to compete and win on the men's physique stage. With Bootcamp, I took my body fat down to 4.5% and got into the best shape of my life."

-Oddis Rollings, Bootcamp RDFiT Member

"Bootcamp has taken my health and fitness to levels that I never allowed myself to believe I could reach."

Kystal, Bootcamp RDFiT Member

Learn how to get Results the Bootcamp way

Why Should I Join RDFiT Bootcamp?

Our Bootcamp is one of the most innovative group workouts you can find. Our mission for Bootcamp is to create a fun, results-based experience. Our bootcamp community is very close. We sift through the myriad of exercise options available and implement the most effective, safe, and fun options.

For the past 15 years, Results Driven Fitness has been a leading innovator of cutting edge workouts using functional equipment such as ropes, kettle bells, TRX, slam balls, tires, slosh pipes, and more! Then we throw Yoga, Mixed Martial Arts, Cross-core and BenchMarX into the arsenal and you get the RESULTS you signed up for and have FUN getting to your goals!

Whatever your goals are, the first step is showing up! We do things differently than other gyms. You have to show up in order to keep a place at our table! You show up and we will take care of the rest!

The RDFiT Bootcamp culture is comprised of sweat, tears, and dedication to better yourself. We set the atmosphere and our members build the culture.

This isn't the normal "every man/woman for the themselves" approach. We are a hard working family that push each other to go harder, be better, and to never give up when the going gets tough!

What makes us different? Everything we do is geared toward RESULTS! In the midst of all the gimmicks there are exercises that are truly effective, but how do you know which ones to choose? That is where we come in.

We test dozens of products and programs every year and hand pick the best of the best to add to our system. They must be fun, versatile, and highly effective to make the cut. We plug those exercises into our proven science based circuit taught by the best instructors in the business. Then we add a splash of amazing music, and few sprinkles of lighting, and the end result is the recipe for most fun you’ll ever have getting into shape!

Becoming a Bootcamp member doesn't happen overnight. You have to prove you can handle it. After your initial trial is when we decide if you have what it takes.

We want everyone to make the cut, but Bootcamp isn't for everyone and we aren't going to spoil the atmosphere if you don't have what it takes. You must push yourself the next level. That doesn't mean you have to keep up with everyone in the class, but it does mean you must strive for greatness and improvement every day!