Meet The Team

Brad Berscheid Founder, Trainer, Nutrition Specialist

Brad Berscheid

Are you ready to look and feel the way you've always known you could? Many of us are told we are overweight and wonder how we got there. We also find ourselves tired and wanting that mid-day nap or frustrated because we can't seem to stay on track with our goals of finally fitting into those... more

Casey Mitzel Founder and VP of Development

Casey Mitzel

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Scott Berscheid Owner / Founder

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Shirley Dequina Trainer, Bootcamp, Nutrition Specialist

Shirley Dequina

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Debra Oden Trainer, Massage Therapist, Bootcamp, Nutrition Specialist

Debra Oden Portland Fitness

Like any other health provider, it's important that you find a Licensed Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Health Coach that you trust and connect with. I bring thirteen years of highly-skilled massage therapy experience to my practice, and have a strong education background and ability to... more

Candy Mitzel Bootcamp, Nutrition Specialist

Candy Mitzel

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Ilme Raudsepp Bootcamp

Ilme Raudsepp Portland Fitness

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Dan LaPoint Trainer

Dan LaPoint Portland Fitness

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Eileen Seely Trainer

Eileen Seely Portland Fitness Trainer

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Carla Eisner

Carla Eisner Trainer

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Jennifer Choi Kain

Jennifer Cho Kain Trainer

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Joan Klink

Joan Klink Trainer

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