Terms and Conditions

Cancellation: All RDFiT memberships require 30 days advance notice to cancel. Requests need to be emailed to billing@poweredbyrdft.com. Gym membership cancellations require the return of your key fob within 14 days of termination. Key fobs can be mailed to the RDFiT office address or dropped of onsite.

Freeze / Suspend: All RDFiT memberships can be frozen for 1, 2, or 3 months per calendar year. The term of the freeze must align with your current billing cycle. Freezing your membership allows you to retain your current rate for a fee of $10 per cycle. 10 days advance notice is required to freeze a membership and requests must be emailed to billing@poweredbyrdft.com.

Refunds / Credit: Refunds for services or products can be made up to 3 days from purchase provided the service or product purchased has not been used. Refund requests must be made by email to billing@poweredbyrdft.com. Refunds on memberships are only available on initial membership fees and enrollment fees and not thereafter. See the 30 day notice of cancellation policy.