Fitness Testimonials

Fitness Testimonials

After a hockey injury reduced my active lifestyle to purgatory on the treadmill, I had no other choice but to learn to like to run. For the past six years that's what I've done: trail, road, treadmill, fun, competitive, short, far. I thought I was in pretty good shape until my somewhat sedentary husband joined RDFit and within a month had surpassed my fitness level - grrr!!! What's more, he came home with great stories about awesome coaches and new friends! So last month, I joined. I couldn't even do ONE sit-up the first time! Now I can do a whole boatload! And I'm running better, faster, and stronger! But the very VERY best part of RDFiT for me has been the trainers who are top-notch personable upbeat professionals who are passionate about and committed to helping everyone who comes make fitness and good nutrition part of a positive lifestyle. Because of their example,  EVERYONE who comes to class is encouraging, helpful, and mindful that it's about ALL of us working toward a common goal: Living a healthy life! What a blessing joining RDFit has been for me!!!

Megan Staropoli

There are many reasons why I am RDFiT’s number one fan.  I have been going to the normal-type gyms ever since high school, so for 20 years now.  This is my first experience with a bootcamp-style gym and I must say, I was a little intimidated to start.  But as soon as I walked in the door, I was welcomed by not only the trainers but the members as well.  I have found Bootcamp RDFiT to be both motivating and challenging.  It is a mix of cardio and strength training and I am learning new exercises each time I go.  Each trainer has been so positive, energetic, and they make the workouts fun and different every time.  I have not done the same workout yet.  I also know that if I were to go to a regular gym, I wouldn’t push myself to the limit as I do with Bootcamp RDFiT.  I don’t have to think about what my workouts will be or make sure I get my lifting and cardio in each day.  Here, it’s all incorporated into an hour’s workout for you.  At the end of the class, when I am exhausted, dripping sweat and walking out the door, I have a sense of happiness knowing that I’ve accomplished what I wanted to for the day and that is a great workout.

Kirsten Stevens

I started coming to Bootcamp R.D.F.T two years ago now. Cam, one of the trainers there, invited me and I must say it took him awhile to convince me to come as “bootcamp” just didn’t sound like much fun to me! I’m so glad that he talked me into it now though. I’m a 37 year old mom of three kids, and I can honestly say that I am now in the best shape of my life! I’m stronger, faster, and have more muscle tone and definition now than I ever had previously. The workout are fun and always different so I’ve never gotten bored, and the best thing, I think, is how fast you see results! I’ve also made some great and lasting friendships at Bootcamp. The community there is very supportive and helps motivate me to do my best. I would highly recommend Bootcamp R.D.F.T to anybody looking to be healthy and fit!

Christy Eagle

When I first found Bootcamp RDFiT online I was very excited! There is always some nervousness when trying new things but I watched the video clips online to get an idea of what we were going to do. I went into my first class with long term health and a shorter term weight loss goal as well. From my first class I was hooked! The instructor was great (as I soon found out they all are), the creativity in exercises was fun and a great way to challenge my body and mind.

I left class feeling wiped but energized at the same time. I went home and tried to show my roommate the things we did as I looked silly rolling around on the floor and jumping up and down but saying how well it worked. I started going to Bootcamp RDFiT on a regular basis always enjoying the variety of exercises and never knowing what they were going to pull out of their hat that day. I was constantly challenged but the instructors were always there to encourage me to keep going and give it my all. With all their support, I started losing weight, compliments from friends and family started rolling in and I was able to reach my weight loss goal in less time than anticipated. One of my favorite fitness sayings is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and it’s true! Reaching this new fitness level I feel great in my own skin! Since then I have continued to improve my speed, strength and endurance. Even with my personal advancements I continue to be challenged as there is always a way to modify the exercise to meet me where I am.

I would not call myself a natural runner and always found it challenging. Since starting Bootcamp RDFiT, my mile time has improved by 2 minutes and my lung capacity has improved leaps and bounds. This shows that my overall health goal is being obtained; that I can take my fitness advances in the gym and apply them to other activities. Being in medical school, I understand the chemistry and biological importance of exercise to optimal health and am glad that I have found such a wonderful place that can really help me live a healthy lifestyle.

Sydmarie Boyle