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Massage & Therapy Packages

We have many massage & therapy options available. Pick the one that best fits or view all of our options HERE and read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

One 30 Minute Massage & Therapy Session

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A thirty minute session is ideal for focus on specific work needed prior to sports events as well as focus work on injury recovery and preventative measure for areas prone to injury. 30 minutes allows for assessment and treatment, and is easy to fit in around a busy schedule.

One 60 Minute Massage & Therapy Session

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A 60 minute session is recommended for regular monthly maintenance and has a large array of health benefits including mental health, muscle and tissue health, and can help improve sports performance. A 60 minute session covers assessment, focus on one to two areas of concern, and general circulation of major muscle groups prone to stress.

One 90 Minute Therapy & Massage Session

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A ninety minute massage is generally recommended for those who put their bodies through the most stress on a regular basis. Every once in a while addressing the entire body is necessary in order to keep your body in it's best condition, and a 90 minute session allows sufficient time to get specific treatment and address more detailed work at a pace that allows your mind and body to relax.

Treat Yourself to Something You Need

Your Body May Need to Relearn Proper Movement Patterns

Our belief is that most chronic muscular and joint pain is a result of improper movement patterns over the course of time. For example, many of our clients work in office environments. They misuse their body by slouching in their chairs at a computer all day. Then, they drive to the gym and try to make that same body move through a series of vigorous exercises. Those same tightened muscles that allowed them to survive in an office chair all day, are not able to suddenly become pliable and perform at optimal levels. Over time, (sometimes a long time, sometimes short) people begin to experience pain.

Our method of treatment is to re-educate the body about how it was originally designed to move. We do this through combining therapy and exercise. Our staff of Licensed Massage Therapists has extensive background in exercise. Some are Personal Trainers and Coaches; others have been trained in healing modalities such as the Egoscue Method, Alexander Technique, Cranial Sacral, Body Mapping, and Feldenkrais Technique. Combining therapy and exercise, we are able to get these clients back into the gym.

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